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A.S. Dessins

Dessinatrice - Portraitiste

Portraits and fine pencil drawings 

Stéphanie alias A.S., is an self-taught artist. Born in the Reunion Island, her workshop is now based in Alsace, France. She mainly use pencils for her art: graphite, pastel or colored pencils.

Born in 1985, she left her Island and family in 2004 to study in a Business School in Dijon, France. Her passion for drawing left behind... She has been graduated in 2008 and started working in important multinational companies.

Few years later, in 2020,  the passion of drawing reemerge: pencils and bristol papers are back!

First drawings: a pic-nic at the edge of a cliff (Réunion Island)

" Chaque dessin est différent et demande un travail différent. Un travail qui ressemble plutôt à une passion! Une passion qui demande beaucoup de patience , les dessins requièrent plusieurs heures de labeur. Le résultat final est une grande satisfaction personnelle même si les dessins ne me semblent jamais parfaitement terminés. Toujours une dernière retouche !


Bienvenue dans mon monde! "